Social Impact.

Creating sustainable positive impact isn’t just something we do, it’s who we are — a founding principle of our company, and something we lean into every day.

“From our inception, we knew we wanted to build a company that was about more than just money and job creation. Something that would carry more of a forward legacy and be responsible to its stakeholders and to the community in which it operates. We are always striving for a purpose beyond material things or self-interests, but for excellence in actions giving back to businesses in need."

Rakan Najawi

Founder & CEO, CloudPulse Inc

Our Social
Responsibility Pillars.

Since our beginnings, we have been a Socially Responsible company, committed to making a positive contribution to social, economic, and environmental development, on the basis of our four pillars:

Community Engagement

We're a proud member of the Arizona Commerce Authority and strive to strengthen connections between people, causes and communities.

Grow fast, strong, well and right

Growing fast, strong, well, and right. It’s recognizing the impact we can make in communities globally. It’s placing sustainability at the forefront of our operations. It’s ensuring justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion form the foundation of all our decisions. It’s about doing the right things as we grow.

Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion

In addition to the company-wide commitments we have made to be an inclusive employer and provide a safe space for all.

Be the change we want to see in the world

Service Grants

Pulse 360 service grants program provides grassroots nonprofits with funds to cover anywhere from 10-100% of a Salesforce transformation project. Since 2013, the program's been helping nonprofits build capacity and do more good, and to date, has provided almost $3M in service grants.