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Enhancing a Large Healthcare Providers Marketing Cloud Implementation

Written by
Rakan Najdawi
Published on
June 7, 2022


A large healthcare system needed assistance enhancing their Marketing Cloud implementation to segment Salesforce and external data into structures that can be used for campaigns. With over 1.5 million patients and over 3 million subscribers from multiple locations across the United States, it was imperative to have efficient processes, integrations, and data transformations set up to allow for segmentation and dynamic personalization for their marketing outreach. Our team designed, developed, and deployed a solution in 7 months that included complex automations for segmentation, a custom preference center, and several key journeys for both internal and external campaigns.

Features Implemented

Automations for Segmentation

Since millions of patient data points were being synchronized into Marketing Cloud from a variety of data sources, automation studio solutions were implemented to build data extensions that would allow their Marketing team to efficiently craft journeys and sends with over 1000 data points for segmentation and personalization. Data points included patient data such as contact information, clinic visits and appointment data. This saved the Marketing team hours of time each week of combing over spreadsheets and building complex reports and formulas to get the segmented and dynamic personalization data they need for a particular journey or send. We calculated that during any given quarter the team would save over 50 hours of work from using these newly configured data structures.


Custom Preference Center

Since the Healthcare system has a variety of different clinics, institutes, and hospitals it is vital that getting all of the different newsletter and outreach preferences under one aesthetic page so that the subscriber can view all of the organizations offerings. While a subscriber may want to unsubscribe from a newsletter, they can see and possibly find another communication offering that is still relevant to them. The organization has over 15 different newsletters and subscribers that a patient or interested individual can subscribe to so being able to display and allow custom control over the sends of each. We used custom HTML/CSS templates to build a Cloud page that showed and manipulated their subscribe profile depending on the settings/fields they selected. Two months after launch, 2 subscriptions could attribute a ~20% of their new subscribers to preference center visitors seeing and opting-into the subscription.


Key Journeys and Sends

After building data extensions, integrations, and processes that transform subscriber and patient data, both SMS and email sends were built to take advantage of the new more complete sets of data. Over 5 journeys were initially configured including a transactional SMS journey that captured customer responses and responded for confirming appointments and patient’s asking for help. The responses were then synced back to their appropriate Salesforce Contact related via a custom Text message object to allow customer service reps to observe and track the communications for use for future outreach and can reference during conversations. This helped speed up resolution time for appointment setting and confirmation by 30% since it previously was primarily done through email notifications and the previous SMS confirmation processes sometimes were unreliable.

We understand that your time is valuable, which why we work quickly and efficiently to get you up and running with a custom solution. Our expert consultants will audit the current system in order find any gaps or areas for improvement before implementing bespoke solutions tailored specifically towards meeting each of your needs!

Do not hesitate to reach out at to learn more about our industry use cases around Health Care and Life Sciences!

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